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1200 x 1200mm Grey Pin Board Notice Board

1200 x 1200mm Grey Pin Board Notice Board

£46.95 +VAT +DEL

Replacement Covers

Replacement acetate covers for poster frames and also for A-boards and forecourt signs. Poster covers made from UV anti-glare PVC. Available in a range of sizes from A5 to 60"x40" starting at only £1.00 + VAT & Delivery.

Our A Board Plastic Covers are available either just as a standard exact size such as an A1 A Board Plastic Cover, or they are available with a magnetic strip round the edge, or as an oversized version. The oversized version of our replacement covers are perfect for waterproof snap snap frames that need to be larger and for some forecourt signs that take an oversized cover. Our A-Frame perspex covers are available in a wide range of sizes. 

These replacement covers are the perfect way to protect your posters from dust, dirt and if they are outside, from rain. You can also save the expense on having to buy a totally new frame just by buying a new cover.

London and UK wide delivery only £10 + VAT.

Replacement Covers sub categories

Are these replacement covers suitable for snap frames? Yes, they are ideal for both standard snap frames and for waterproof snap frames. Do double check on your measurements though as waterproof snap frames usually need oversized covers. My A-board cover has a magnetic strip, can you supply these? Yes, we sell the replacement a board covers with the magnetic strip round the edge, perfect for Booster A-boards, Logo Sign Boards and the round top A-boards.

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